Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Tip

Well three of them today are you ready? Coffee filters have many uses other than just for the coffee pot. They hold things in so why not grease when you pour stock you have made through them. They hold in potting soil when they are placed in the bottom of a terra cotta flower pot so it doesn't all run out when you water the pots for outside. Can be used in the house also with a tray under the pots. The other thing when you are tracing off a shape late at night and ran out of tracing paper it works. Also late night embroidery stitching they can be used as a cut away stabilizing medium. Did you know all that? Dawn dish soap. Well I use it to get grease spots and stains out of clothing as a pretreatment. I take my almost empty soap bottles and place them in the laundry room to use until I get the whole thing used up.

It also works good in a pan of water to drop unwanted bugs in like Box elder bugs and Japanese beetles and Asian beetles. They do not like it. Also mixed in water in a spray bottle and sprayed on houseplants to get rid of Aphids and spider mites works wonders. Spray all sides of the leaves and stems and it kills the bugs. About 1 teaspoon to a large spray bottle and soak the plants leaves and repeat as necessary. The eggs will hatch out in a few days and reapply.

Plant containers. These came from the garden store with plants in them last year. We save them and plant seeds we dried from the vegetables we harvested last year. They are red and green peppers also three kinds of tomatoes. So the potting soil is the only thing that cost me money for my garden this year.

So many things have many uses. Recycle and re purpose things saves the landfills and also saves your wallets. Hope these things help. Chris


Katie M. said...

Thanks for the tips - I also use coffee filters for foundation piecing. I used them for strip piecing, then trimmed around the filter, used a very light weight interfacing cut to the same dimension, sewed around the edge of the circle, cut a slit in the interfacing, turn right side out and press- great little circles for appliquing. I made my g-kids place mats with the circles.....
I reuse and recycle quite a lot. I see things that people toss and think "oh, that could be...." If I brought home everything I had ideas for, DH would probably disown me!

Quilting Corner said...

I really like the tips. Thanks so much. I use a drop or two in the washer to get rid of fleas.