Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Ok here is what I mean. I made all these Star in a Square blocks. And the HST are from the cut off sections of the flying geese section of the blocks. As I cut them off I stitched them together. I cut the darker color over sized and then I could get the points right. I then stitched them together on the bias side and today I pressed them all open and now to trim them. I had 8 of these HST's from each block. That is a lot to waste. So I have a whole pile of them to use someplace else. I thought about a border of HST's for a wall hanging. Maybe will get used for something like that. Not enough for this quilt.

I have been doing a few of these each day so hopefully soon I will have enough to get a good layout and then get the top pieced. Thought about quilting as I go process for this quilt. After the last finish which was an over sized baby quilt size I have pulled muscles in my chest wrestling the quilt through the sewing machine. Crazy I know. You are suppose to relax and I am really sorry I was so uptight.

I plan on getting a couple more blocks finished today to add to my pile of HST's and then when they are all done I will see how many I have. Chris

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