Saturday, February 18, 2012

Focus Chris!!

Ok this is my day lately. I have been reading and not getting anything done. I think Wanda had the same thing happen. I want to be sewing but I guess I needed to step back and figure out a plan of attack. I made another task for myself. Well you see I am obsessed with using all this fabric. Crazy I know! So when I made my flying geese segments for the star blocks I cut off the extra and made them into half squares. I got 8 of these off of each block I finished. They need to be squared up and all pressed.

As you can see the chain piecing as I was stitching them and now I need to press and square them up to a usable size. Now what do I do with them??

I am so nuts it makes my mind hurt some days. I have almost 5 different scrap quilts in the progress of stitching the tops and three to quilt. I always said I wouldn't do this and here I am writing about it and admitting I really am crazy. LOL

This is one of the scrap quilts from leftover blocks . I got it laid out to measure and cut a back for it tonight. I got it stitched, but need to press it now. I didn't want to stop and set up the ironing board so I will do that in the morning in the light. The other insane thing I have gotten into a bad habit of doing is open a bag of batting that I have planned on for another quilt and I have cut a section off for a small project. Now I have all these partial batts and I need to measure and find something to fit this small quilt. It is larger than a crib and smaller than a twin. Should be something in there to cut and make do.

As I said no focus. Nothing really getting done. I am frustrated and want to be doing something, but I can't make myself get in there and be a good girl. But who likes GOOD GIRLS! Chris

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