Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What is a quilt??

So many times you hear a term and it has many meanings in my book. We don't rely on the Websters dictionary anymore for definitions. We use Wikipedia. So who is right and who is wrong. Or is it an interpretation. What is a quilt? Many call this an Art Quilt. I call it a collage.

This is a pieced quilt others call it a work of art.

This is a scrap quilt block. Others call it a Hodge podge of scraps.

This is an applique quilt and I call it a Baltimore Album quilt.

I read a statement the other day when some one was not thrilled with a posting. They said Well after all it is an art quilt. Ok an art quilt. Isn't quilting a form of art? In my book it is. Is it a true form of art? Depends on who you ask the question of.

Your quilting is an expression of your artistic abilities and not every quilt is thrown on a bed. Many are on the wall, over a chair, on the table or used in the kitchen.
My interpretation of an art quilt is the image it makes. Whether it be a collage or a pieced design doesn't mean it is just a quilt to throw on a bed. Many times the quilts we make are created from a passion in our souls. Some have different ideas of what their passion is. If it is an Art quilt who is going to declare it an art quilt? Is there a doctorate degree in Art Quilts. Probably, but are they going to look at my quilts and say they have a value.

The price I place on my quilts is not of any value. Instead it means so much to the person I give them to.

One of the reasons I quilt is to keep my sanity. The other is I like the feel of the fabric and I like making something with fabric. The purpose is to satisfy the Artist in me.
I have pieced quilts I have spent many hours on and yet they are not true works of art they are art from my soul. So what does your quilt say to you. Am I quilter yes, am I an artist no, not in the literal sense. Do I like my art, yes I do.
So my quilts in my book are pieces of Art From Me. Chris

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