Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Tip

Have you ever washed your towels kitchen and bath towels and they smell like stale cooking smells and grease and bath towels like BO? Well don't throw them away.
The bath towels have deodorant and body odor smells from your skin. Also leftover soap and lotion residues. The kitchen towels have cooking grease and food odors on them. It doesn't all get washed out. I have tried Clorox and it never seems to go away. Well the trick is no Clorox. It doesn't take out grease or oils. Use a cup of Ammonia in your laundry at the start of the wash and you will be surprised at how clean smelling you laundry is. Ammonia cuts the grease and oils and gets your laundry fresh. Yes you can use the scented ammonia and them wash the clothes in the warmest water the fabrics can stand.
I worked in a bakery and the smell of the bakery smells good when you walk in but it lingers on your clothing. It takes all that out. A dog bed or a cat bed can be cleaned with this also. After the clothing dries the smell goes away. Hope this tip helps Chris

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

We go through a lot of ammonia at our house. =) Great tip!