Friday, February 17, 2012

Read a really good article today

I was surfing the blogs this morning and ran across the best written article about questions this author was asked. Many of you read her blog and it is quite a source for a great amount of information about quilting. The blog is I do not read it daily, but I will catch up on her postings from time to time. If you go to her site you can read the article and the answers she has for questions she is asked. I agree with her subject matter and her answers. I talked about a few posts back that thread and quilting have had this stigma about using cotton all the time for the piecing and the quilting. She answers her feelings about the different kinds of threads and where she uses them.

The other thing is the many types of batting's and their uses. I am a stick to it one kind of batting and many others use a wide range of different batting's alone and together. Many times in my experience I don't have different types of batting's available without ordering them. I live in a rural area and unless I travel or order I am stuck with what I have on hand or what I can purchase locally.
The same is with the thread that I use. I think many times what we have available is our favorite for the time. I would love to have a store close that had every kind of thread available, but it isn't possible. Same with batting's. I know there are certain kinds of batting I am not fond of. As she said in her article she talks about a batting you try and end up with a horrible outcome and all your efforts leave a sour taste in your mouth.

She has stated the many reasons why she sticks with one type of batting and also reminds us to do samples.

I really think this article would be a good read for beginners and experienced quilters.Get a cup of your favorite beverage and sit for a couple minutes and see what she has to say. I thanked her for her post and was reminded that we do things to please ourselves and our experience can benefit others. If you can't learn something new everyday then is it all worth it? Chris ps. Thanks Leah Day

ps I disabled the word recognition for posting. I receive spams and it will change again.

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I love reading what Leah Day has to say. She is a great resource!