Friday, February 3, 2012


My mind has wandered as of late. Where it goes only it knows. I have caught myself sitting and staring off into space and yet I really don't recall what I was thinking about. My Mother calls that open minded.
The creative juices have all but dried up in the last few days. Yes I have cleaned some in my house and looked at the new quilting magazines, but to no avail. My mind is blank.
Yes I am sleeping and little stress I believe at the moment, I think the weather is taking it's toll on my abilities. We have had fog and it has lasted all day long for three days now. My mind is literally in a fog.
I read in a magazine and on a blog about taking advantage of opportunities when the thought of desires have crossed your mind. If you have dreamt about doing something that is a stretch of your current abilities try it. You will never know unless you make the first step towards doing something you have dreamt about.
Whether a new technique or a challenge that you need to try and hone in on a skill that you have but you need to perfect. My skills all need work. I am lazy when it comes to cutting threads well. I am lazy when it comes to perfecting the best 1/4 inch seam. I get in to much of a hurry and find myself rushing to get something done for a deadline. Procrastination is a bad habit I have and I need to take care of the problem by not doing that anymore. Sounds good right?? Well making myself do it is like making a resolution for the New Year. NOT going to happen!
As a caregiver my blocks of time are limited and they change from day to day. Some days the time for me is not there. Other days it is not a convenient time. Yes some days we all don't have the energy to be productive. I have many of those.
Yes depression is a factor, but I guess I am a giver and my thought should be not selfish. So many times I think I should get up and get some knitting so I can sit here, but be productive. Then I don't do it. The creative juices are dried up like this old prune.
Well today I am doing my household chores and then something is going to get accomplished. Even if it is only to trace something off. I need to be creative and find myself.
I have wanted a light box for ever and the cost is my hangup. I read an article in a magazine that made sense the other day to be inventive. Use a clear plastic storage tub and a cheap like dollar store touch light to place under it and use it for the light box. I can do that. What was I thinking? Why didn't I come up with that idea. So many times creativity is there because of necessity. Someone found a way to make things from items they have in their possession.
Now if I could find a way to click my fingers and the laundry and cleaning would get done I would be in great shape right? Maybe not that creative. LOL Chris

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