Saturday, February 4, 2012

Maybe creative

Yesterday was another day that I couldn't make myself do anything productive. It was foggy all day and we have the same thing today only instead of fog it is rain.

So this morning is the productivity day I decide I wanted more on these tiny blocks. So I add another layer of flying geese and squares. No to get back to the creativity. I didn't have a pattern in front of me. No dimensions to work off of. I winged it. I stated cutting and then I made adjustments to my measurements. I am sure someone else can take credit for this block design and I take my hat off to them for the original one whom ever you are. I just decided to try the look and this is what I came up with.
This was my first attempt to try and get this right. Well it isn't quite right. It is a little off grain and the seams are not exactly straight. I find the bias seam and I are not working well together. So I need to adjust my technique on this part of it. Drawing a seam is going to be my next step to get it right. Eyeballing it doesn't work for me.

This one I used the same fabric for the outside square in a square layer and it makes the block look different with all the same background. As I said I am playing with the sizes of the pieces and also the fabrics to come up with something that I am please with.

Of course all is scraps and all is what I have here at the moment. I have decided I need to make a sizing solution to help with the pressing. I have a liquid starch and I think a weak solution will work the best for this application.

Creative maybe, working at it yes. Have a Great day. Chris

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