Saturday, February 11, 2012

Few more done

I have had a few bad days and a few good days, but none real productive. We still don't have snow and we still have gray skies. Today part of the day was sun and so I did get into the sewing room and do something. These are slow going and they do take some concentration to get everything to match up properly. So I am getting tired and decided to quit for this evening. More tomorrow. I have several in different stages of being done. Maybe I can concentrate on getting the blocks completed before I cut out anymore.

The color of the pictures doesn't do them justice. I took the picture with an overhead light and it is yellow looking. They are brighter colors than what they appear.

I found one more I drug out into the living room after I took this picture. I want to make either a twin out of these blocks or a couch throw. Both about the same size.

I have been cutting scraps for ever and I received a box in the mail from another kind quilter yesterday. She offered to send the scraps to get them out of her way. I have drooled over them for the last 24 hours and not sure when I will cut into them. Soon I am sure. Thank you Wanda from . This was such a nice gesture and it helps her to get rid of the small pieces. I plan on paying forward and if I can send pieces to others I will in the future. Thank you Wanda ever so much. Chris


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

They look very nice, Chris! I have trouble having patience to make such difficult blocks. I need to work on that character flaw.

Exuberant Color said...

I hope you have fun cutting into them!