Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday tip

Out of necessity and laziness I found this tip to be very helpful. I am an early morning sewer as many of you are late night sewers. I needed a way to mark dark fabrics with a lighter line to be able to sew my lines for my flying geese sections. I thought what do I have. The pencil is to dark for these darker fabrics. I have chalk, but it some times rubs off while handling. So I rummaged around and found this. A white pencil from the kids colored pencil set. As you can see it leaves a clear line to stitch against. This is the stitching line and I wanted something that wouldn't bleed through. So many times pens even permanent pens will bleed through and then you see it from the front. This will wash out and doesn't bleed.

This particular one was from the Crayola brand pencils. The light yellow and also maybe a light blue would work. I always have pens, markers and colored pencils around for me and also the grandkids. So look around and see if you can find something in your possession to make things work for you when you are sewing and hate to quit to go to the store.

I am sure any brand pencils will work. The Dollar stores have so many different things that you can find a cheap set for next to nothing. Then if you want to doodle you have some colored pencils to work with. Chris

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