Sunday, February 26, 2012

First Finish of the New Year

This is a quilt that was made all from leftovers. The only thing I purchased was the backing for it. The blocks were made from extras from two other quilts and the sashing was fabric that my Aunt from Florida had and she didn't want. It is draped over the back of the love seat in the living room and the colors go well with the room. Not to bad for an old lady. I woke up with a migraine today so not sure how much I will get done. Wanted to get the backing for another one pieced and get it sandwiched. I had great plans and then get side tracked. Oh well it will be there tomorrow.

I tried something different with the quilting. I wanted it to be softened a little instead of the straight outline stitching I have used so much.
I have ordered some tools for the use in Free Motion Quilting and I am waiting for them to arrive so I can do some practicing. I have set a goal to get a handle on this process and I plan on making an attempt soon.

Suppose to warm up considerably today. Was 18*F when I got up and suppose to get to 47*F by 3pm. Maybe why I have the headache. Family is coming for late lunch today so I am off to make dinner and get ready. Chris

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