Sunday, February 12, 2012

6 1/2 hours at the machne and cutting table

Well the blocks are getting worked on plus I am sorting and pitching anything that I can't use. I have thrown away about a 3 gallon basket worth of slivers of fabric pieces that are too small and threads. I am trying to use everything I can before I pitch it out. I worked so long at the machine my ribs started to hurt. Decided I had better get up and move. I keep thinking I will do one more and then it is three later.

I have been cutting for each block when it comes to the rounds after the 9 patches. I still have several 9 patches all pieced together and ready for the extra rounds.

If you can sew a 9 patch and then sew some flying geese you are set to make this block. The hard part for me is the way to press the seams after several rounds of stitching and all the tips from the flying geese seams.

I think I like the contrast on this one about the best. As I said I am cutting each block for the rounds as I pick it up. I have a better handle on the look of the block by doing one at a time.

While I am sorting I have found things I forgot I had and also some things I have been looking for. I opened a bin my Granddaughter had filled and I sat there almost in tears. The reason for the tears was I will be 105 years old before I get everything done. I would like to have the better share of this mess of scraps sewn before Christmas next year. Yes I am making Christmas quilts already for next year. Silly me. Chris

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