Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What to do with leftover polar fleece

I have small pieces of polar fleece laying around and I have made these dusting covers for my name brand duster handles. As you can see I have been chasing dust and decided today I needed another one. I have made them and given them as gifts.

Cut the fleece double and the width you want. I cut my 4 1/2 inches X 7 1/2 inches. double for the back layer. I cut the next layer 2 X 61/2 inches double.

I layer them one on top of the other to make sure the coverage is enough for my handle.

I have this picture out of order sorry. But when the two are sewn together they have one line of stitching down what would be the opening on the handle.

As you can see the rectangle on the back forms the casing for the handle forks. Then the stitching in the middle makes the sleeves to go over the forks to hold it in place.

At the folded end I have clipped the opening for the fork tines to slip into. This makes the cover stay on the handle.

This is the part where you need to make the slashes in the layers.

I make sure the opening is there for the handle to slip into and then you can see the layers to know you have the right end to start the slashing on.

The cutting begins. I cut the smaller layer first to form the flaps to collect the dust.

Then I fold them back and make the cuts for the back layer.

Cut them as small or large as you like. Cut only to the line of stitching that forms the rectangle to hold the forks on the back layer.

Insert the handle between the layers on the back piece. This will go easy and yet it makes it stay in place.

This is one that I have used time after time. It goes in the wash and dryer and keeps on dusting. I do use a spray on dusting product to help with the pick up of dust. A light spray and it collects the dust and doesn't leave it someplace else.

See the little tab that clips over the end of the center seam to make it stay in place. Now to get some more chasing done.

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