Friday, February 24, 2012

I had a really bad day

First off I went to bed and now I am up. 11:37pm so what do I do I sit on the computer.
Ok here goes the bad day. I got up and decided I would get the last of the machine quilting done on this small quilt. I laid it out on the floor in the living room to show my husband and bent over to straighten one corner and picked up my right foot and got it caught under the edge of the quilt and it tripped me and I landed on the floor on both knees. Not good. Then after that I went out to do the snow and I couldn't get the blower started I had the key in the wrong position.
My son called and said he needed me to drive to get the grandkids so I got ready and was doing fine. Turn onto a road we travel a lot and it was running fine. All of a sudden drifting across the road and the on coming van lost control on a glaze of ice. He slide side ways coming right at my van. I had to take the side of the road and when trying to recover it I lost control with the ice. I slide side ways twice and finally got to a dry spot and the drivers side tires came off the ground and I thought I was going to roll the van I was driving. It came to a halt and I just counted my luck stars. My husband said to me I didn't think you were going to save it. No contact with the other driver, but he did end up in the ditch. I was turn a full 180 when I stopped. Then it was a white knuckle drive the rest of the 15 miles to get the grandkids and back.
I wanted to sit and cry, but I had to keep my wits about me. Remember I said we just got Winter well yes we did and it about got me. This was my bad day. Chris

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Hettie said...

OMW - you sound like a stunt driver from a movie!!