Monday, October 28, 2013

Finally got a full 80 blocks made

Got up early 4:15am and decided I would get these finished. Which ten minutes ago was quite a bit of sewing time. It is 1pm.

This is the top of the queen sized bed. So 8X10 6 inch blocks with 2 inch sashing makes the top of this bed totally covered. I plan on machine quilting, but I am doing it in two sections then will sew them together. Then three border edges will be attached and quilted.
So next step is backing and batting sandwiched together and start on the quilting. It is going to be pretty straight forward quilting. With this busy of a top most of it will be stitching in the ditch. I sure used up a lot of scraps.

I cleaned out 5 containers that hold over a gallon of ice cream. And they were packed to overflowing. Patting myself on the back that it looks that great. Now to get it finished. Chris 


Katie M. said...

Chris, that turned out really nice. Love the idea of quilting in sections before full assembly.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Looks really great!