Monday, October 21, 2013

Four letter word in the forecast

Yes you read it right. S.N.O.W. Up to 1/2 inch, but the ground temp is 51 degrees. So it won't last long.

It is windy today and I started out by vacuuming the walls and cabinets in my kitchen. A job I neglect sometimes. When you can see the dust you know it has been to long. The ceiling fan and the floor all got cleaned up to. Really need to take down curtains, but they are getting so faded from the sun just need to make new ones. Maybe in the Spring.

I need to be in the sewing room, but if I get one room a day looking better then I don't feel guilty sewing.

My Mom needs to get out tomorrow and she doesn't feel comfortable driving with her lenses in her glasses not updated since surgery. So tomorrow is taxi day for me. But if she doesn't feel safe then she shouldn't drive. In a couple weeks she will get new glasses.

Stay warm the next few days. Chris

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