Thursday, October 24, 2013

Project for today

After I get back from doing my big grocery shopping today I need to tackle this bushel basket of scraps. I need to get a handle on what is in this basket and cut and trim to get some organization going. I know I have used some of these fabrics in two or three started tops and it needs to be managed better.  

I have this top done all but four to seven blocks. Need to get them pieced and get borders bought. Will look while I'm out today. I have a piece of fabric in mind, but I used it 5 years ago. So finding it again and enough to make it work isn't an option. Hopefully I can find something better. Can only hope. I still have 7 more string blocks to make.
In getting that basket cut and sorted maybe the string blocks will come together faster. Not getting done by thinking it will go away on it's own. At this point procrastination is a big flaw I have acquired as of late, need to correct that.
Didn't get to watch all the TV shows I like last night so will bring them up on demand today. Hopefully you have a productive day. Chris 

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