Friday, October 18, 2013

What the...........

Frustrated.... Not happy...Disappointed..... Bored.......

I have struggled with old age weight for about 10 years. Mind you my joints from my last job are shot. Menopause and sedimentary life style have paid a huge roll also. So now I pay the price. Not fun!

I have search tried and failed so many different ways to loose the extra weight. I have lost some, but not enough. I think I lost and regained 7lbs 100 times through all this. Frustrating. Now I have to get it under control. I do not to live like this anymore.

My Grandfather use to get weighed at the Dr.'s office. Took off his shoes, emptied his pockets and took off his glasses to make it look like he hadn't gained any. Well I don't go to that extreme. I am guilty of checking my weight to often.

I have tried Atkins, South Beach, Mediterranean, No carb, Vegan, Vegetarian, nothing works for me. Not the right combo of exercise and food.

I guess I'm trying to hard to will it off and need to regroup and keep trying. Hopefully you haven't let yourself go like I have.   Back to the drawing board. Chris


Fiesta said...

Chris after menopause I gained 26 pounds and felt so u comfortable. I started dieting July 21st and now I am one pound away from my normal weight of 155.
Women who have gone through menopause do not need to eat more than 1200 calories a day. I exercise every day for one hour. Yes it takes away from my gardening and quilting time but it is so worth it. On the weekends I try to do outdoor activities like hiking, biking and walking. At work I take the long way to places at school to burn more calories. Join the online support group Spark people. You can do this.

Katie M. said...

Chris, I have loss large amounts of weight several times since my mid 30's... Once I quit chasing kids, the weight started coming on. I'd lose 20 - gain 30. Lost 40 - gained 60 and so it went... Last time I did Weight Watchers. Lost 65 lbs and yep, you guessed it - gained 70 back! I went into such a depression I decided I'd rather be fat than depressed. That said, I do know it's not healthy to carry an extra 100 lbs (yes I do!) My doctor put it to me as "the question is, do you use a walker at 65 or 85?" Then she talked to me about a referral for a gastric by-pass.....It's so frustrating to watch the hubs eat double what I do, eat his chocolate and cookies and not gain. And since retirement, he doesn't do the physical activity that I do... Anyway, I could go on and on and on... But my biggest advice, and it works for me when I do it, is to keep a diary/ journal (whatever you want to call it) - keep track for at least a week (and be honest) about EVERYTHING you eat (don't change your routine), your physical activity... then at the end of the week, review your diary and see what you could have done differently, what could you have substituted for say, a cookie - would a handful of grapes, berries been as satisfying? How did you cook that potato? Did you bake it, then add the butter and other condiments? Would you like it with or be willing to try it with some seasonings such as Mrs. Dash? You like the taste of the butter? Get some of the "Can't believe it's not butter" spritz stuff - a little spray of that reduces those calories and yet you get the taste.. Okay, done - I won't take up more of your space...(and then I think "who am I to talk" but these are things that I know work for me or I'd be a whole lot more than just 100 lbs overweight)

Teresa Rawson said...

I'm right there with you, sister! I would probably get on award for the number of times I've lost and regained weight. I am struggling now to get back on deck. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, so I am really concentrating on 21 good days...each day with more movement as I am able. Yesterday I raked and bagged a lot of leaves as my exercise. I feel so much better on days when I've really gritted my teeth and "done right." Hang in there...we can motivate each other!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Cheryl Furr said...

I have yo-yoed with weight all my life. Diets tried include Medifast, WW (the best and most sustained weight loss), Atkins (boring!), Jennie Craig (food quality poor and GI tract let me know early on!), blah, blah, blah. I have since made a few rules: no diets where you have to buy their foods, their vitamins or doing any screwy cleansing or any diet that omits a food group. Since I like all foods and consider dessert a food group, I have done well (35 lbs since March). Portion control and doing the "E" word is the strategy that has worked. I swear by Kathy Smith's Fat Burning Workout DVD. The first 8 minutes are a warmup... thought I would die doing it the first time! But you know what happened? My head was clear, I moved better and my skin eventually just got better texture, and because the blood flow to all organs was improved, drop kicked the diuretic and hypertension pills right out of my life. You can purchase a DVD of KS's on Amazon for under $10. Give my diet a try! Also get rid of your scale, weigh yourself only once a week as fluids shift weirdly from day to day for a variety of reasons, and don't be discouraged- a positive attitude always saves your mind! Cheryl Furr, I should say am 61.