Saturday, October 19, 2013

Still stitching

Still searching in the many piles I have. This is a hand appliqued block for a quilt for my sister.

This is an alternative block to accompany the applique block. Should get this one done to.

This is a sampler top I completed. It is from my cousin. She bought it as a BOM and never started it. Need to get it quilted.

Hexies. Don't know why I made them, but maybe will use the as accents on another top.

I have this one about done. But got bored and set it aside. A couple days of sewing and the top would be done.

This is on going. All hand pieced. Odds and ends of scraps that are not enough to do a whole hexie or to small to use as applique pieces.
I have great plans, but never seem to get it accomplished. But my days are not always my own.
My house looks like I have been sewing because I'm dragging threads through on my socks and the vacuum doesn't get run while I'm sewing. LOL. Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

That's what I like, a variety of things to work on. No matter what I feel like doing, I have one started to pick up.