Saturday, October 26, 2013

Not a good night for me

I was a bad girl last night. I ate some food that didn't agree with me and I was awake most of the night dealing with the misery. So I'm sure it won't be a real productive day.
Instead of dealing with that basket of scraps I bought some yarn and knitted off and on for two days. My granddaughter said she wanted scarves and she loves blue. I haven't knitted for a couple years so this was a different pace project.  

This was a free pattern on
It was knitted with 10.5 knitting needles. It is about 75 inches long. Hopefully she likes it. The pattern is called Minnie by Annie Lee-Baker.  

While I was out shopping I found this tan on off white print for the Antique Rose Star blocks. I think it will blend well with the colors I have used.

I think I will use a solid for sashing and square up the blocks with the print then use a cream for sashing and then a wider border from the print. It is going to go on a twin bed and the muted colors make it look more antique. As I get farther I will keep you updated. Hope you have a great weekend. Chris


Katie M. said...

Love that fabric! I think you're right it will work well with those blocks. Nice color blue on that yarn, too. I love to knit and seem to always have a small project going. I love the dishcloths from the cotton yarn and gifted some a couple years ago - now I keep a box for my girls to grab what they want...

Exuberant Color said...

I think that was a good fabric choice too.