Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ok I'm up

Yesterday was really early like 4:30 am. Today was 5:15am. I got a lot of sewing done yesterday with my early start. Today still sitting here.

Today I have to get a to-go project ready. My Mother has cataract surgery on Wed. So I will be in a waiting room for a couple hours.

It feels like Fall. We don't have much color in our leaves, but today is rain and tomorrow it will be in the 50's for the high. We had frost yesterday in the morning. More frost warnings during the rest of the week.

I will get pictures taken of my progress on sewing yesterday. I need to finish a seam and some pressing before picture taking. I really am pleased with the look of this quilt. It looks like something that will fit anywhere you want it to be. Some quilts have a definite flavor to them. Bedroom, couch or wall hangings are a few examples and the look of them is different from each other.

Today is a turn on the lights day with it rainy. Right now it is 7:10am Central time and it looks like 7pm at night. Going to turn on the lights and turn up the music to see where I get with my sewing. Chris 

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