Saturday, October 19, 2013

Struggling to find enough different pieces

This is what I'm trying to use up, but I have had to add some strips to make variety. I have 7 more blocks to make and I can't have them all dull.

These are sorta plain so I will work them into other patches that I add more vivid colors to. I need to pull another tub off the shelf and cut away.
I think I have enough tubs with scraps for maybe 7 more quilts. I saw the same method only they were diamond shaped pieces you used for the template to stitch onto. When I get itchy to start something else that takes no thought I will try it. I sure have stitched up a ton of fabric pieces in this quilt. Chris


Katie M. said...

I can't figure out how those scraps multiply.... Seems like I use up a quilt full of scraps, just to see two more quilts' worth replace them...

sewyouquilt2 said...

Yes those strips DO multiply. I keep like colors in zippy bags and open them and sew squares then they don't fit back in. how is that? it is like Chinese food. ha ha