Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hand work while watching TV.

This is a start to another hand pieced block. Got this far and not happy with the contrast. The coral colored area has a light point not enough difference between the brown pieced block and it's light area. Will have to rethink this and look for a better choice. I'm sure I can find something.
Trying to keep within the brown, darker reds and tans for this quilt. Not sure how far I'm going with it. I get to a good part in a TV show and I get some of the sections turned around and have to rip it out. Every block has been that way and you would think I would figure it out. LOL  
I think this maybe will be a smaller quilt, but we will see how far I get with the fabric choices I have available. They are big blocks so maybe can be a decent size with borders. I think it will be hand quilted with a puffy type batt. We will see the closer I get to a finish.
Last night I watched "Quiltcam" with Bonnie Hunter. Where does she find the time to travel and quilt all the time? I guess I need to change my life style. Like that is going to happen.
Suppose to get to almost 90*F today. Not a good day to play outside when it gets that hot. Stay cool or dry where ever you are. Chris 

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