Saturday, October 12, 2013


Yes this is why I'm overwhelmed. All my fault. I have to get in this room and dig in.

Here is a small portion of the scraps I need to sort, cut and sew up. I have three tops started out of this basket full of scraps. A couple of them were shown in the last post.

This is in the process and it has to get finished. It is a corduroy hooded jacket for the baby. This pattern I used for the other two kids and kept it not knowing I would be making another one. It will have a flannel rosebud lining which is laying there also. May need to tweak the back a little because she is so tiny.

Here is the pile of hand worked blocks made out of scraps. I think I have 7 of them finished. Not sure how many more I will be making. Have to see how far my interest keeps flowing.
Suppose to be gloomy today. I think the few sprinkles are already out of the area according to radar. Good day to stay in and get sewing done. Chris


Katie M. said...

I have made a very conscience decision to use my scraps before I cut into anymore of my yardage and so far I've stuck to it! I have several small items that I will put on the quilting frame as a whole and quilt all at once, then a few scrap quilts will go on after that - it will feel good to get some of the scraps used and have something to show for it, too. When I see a 'tossed' sewing room, I know creativity was at work :-)

cottonreel said...

I did a quilt in the pattern you are showing . It took ages to do
it's om my Pinterest