Saturday, April 12, 2014

Beefy Thread stand

I use cone threads and larger spools when piecing or machine quilting. I had a cheap plastic spool holder and it didn't function well. The thread would slip out of the loop easy and then the tension on the thread would be off or it would break because of the drag.

This is the second spool holder My Husband has made for me. All it is is a square of wood, a dowel rod and some heavier gauge wire. The first one he made was a double spool this one is single. I'm lost without them because I buy larger spools or cones o thread for piecing and machine quilting. Chris  

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Rebecca said...

Beats using a pencil and a clamp. I prefer the big cones of thread... the only down side is it takes a lot longer to collect a box of empties to show how much you have done. lol