Sunday, April 27, 2014

Denim Rag Quilt elements

I had two tubs of denim legs. I have cut some up for patching jeans. Some is being cut for a denim rag quilt. I have collected just the legs for several years. People would give me jeans and I cut the top part off and just saved them.

I open the leg up and start tracing a coffee can lid with my Crayola washable markers. They wash out easy and I use them for marking on my quilt tops also. I always test them and do not place an iron on them. It might set the color. 

This leg I got 7 circles out of one leg. So it goes fairly fast. The hard part is the scissors on your hand. So I do a couple legs and go onto something else. Eventually they will all be cut up. 

The good thing about these is they are being recycled. Not in the landfill. I have to cut squares of fabric to use in the interior of each of these circles and pull the rounded edges over the top and stitch down. Stay tuned I will try and get a section stitched together in the next couple days.

Suppose to rain all week. Hopefully I can get some quilting done. I have three tops ready to be sandwiched. Then I need to do some more housecleaning. I still have the living room and the kitchen to do some deep cleaning in. I want to rearrange the living room, but I did something to my rt. knee. I'm sure these old joints are going to hurt more all the time.

The tulips are up and the Crab Apple Trees are opening their leaves. I guess Spring is here to stay, but the furnace is still running in the early morning. Hopefully I can shut it off soon. Chris


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Looking foreword to what you made with your denim circles! I have a lot of denim stashed, too, even after making my son's denim quilt.

We are still running the furnace here, too. Soon we can kick it off! *fingers crossed*

Rebecca said...

I have a stash of deconstructed jeans... a couple of bins of legs and one of all the pockets... I Love the pockets... I use them as funky gifts. with magnets for he fridge, as long lines of pockets for mail...ect.