Saturday, April 5, 2014

Been busy

Cutting sewing and pressing. That has been the order of business the last couple days. I'm still going through piles so as I handle it I cut it up or cut off of it. Some pieces were getting really small so I'm using them up. That way I can buy more right! 

This pattern I found has 82 16-patch blocks and 82 pinwheel blocks. They alternate. Great way to use up scraps. I cut some for variety them I stitch a bunch. Then I cut some more for more variety and I have 32 blocks complete. 32 X 16 is 512  squares so far. It will be 1312 2-inch squares when it is complete. Lots of thread and lots of cutting. But it is cleaning up a bunch also. It will make a queen sized bed quilt when done. I am sure going through bobbins.

I went out and went for a short walk with just a sweater on. 55 degrees tonight. Suppose to get to 68 degrees by Thursday. Some of my perennials are coming up Sedum and Day Lillies. Have a great evening Chris

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