Monday, April 28, 2014


Sorry to hear of all the bad storms last night across the country. We had rain and it came down hard at times, but no damage. I hear the birds waking everyone up outside right now.

Planned on doing several things today, but you know how plans are. They never get done some days. Need to get some laundry done for sure. Should figure out meals and yet nothing sounds good. We had started to grill out again and now the rain. Oh Well!!

I think I'm going in on my hands and knees and try and disconnect my PC. It won't start. I need to send it out to get cleaned out. Must be a virus. While I'm doing that I need to take the vac in there and clean up some dust. Imagine dust in a sewing room??

Then it is on to the fun stuff trying to finish up a top or two. I have several things in stages that need to get completed. The middle of the month will order more batts and get back made up. I have several things I need to get finished. My goal is to get quilts finished before Christmas. Yes I have  lot of time to do this but yard work and life get in the way of completion sometimes.

Need to get more done as far as Spring housecleaning, but it is raining today and I'm up early. Hubby is still sleeping. By the time he gets up I will be out of the mood. Right! I think I will sew instead. Chris


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