Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dog Bites

Yes the quilts didn't win with the dog bites. As I was digging through my piles I found fabric to repair two of the 5 quilts that had focus fabrics. This one is just a scrappy couch quilt so it will get what ever I can find to repair it.

This quilt is firefighter fabrics. Was so worried about I had no more of the border fabric. In digging in the last couple weeks I found a strip of it and now it can get repaired. 

The dog is no longer there so it will hopefully stop all these repairs. The sun is out, but rain is on it's way. I'm cleaning in my sewing room and finding more and more messes. It is so out of control. I've been working on  it and yet there is more to do. Some of what I have to cut is needing to be pressed which will take some time. The variety of the colored fabrics is increasing, but the neutrals are still far behind. Have fun sewing today. Chris

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