Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Scrap obsession

Went to the Senior Thrift Store and found scraps and cut strips for next to nothing. I got quite a load here. I spent $30, but the variety is really great. picked up colors I don't have. They had more, but I ran out of cash. They don't take checks or credit which  I understand.

We got the baby today and she is sleeping right now. After she leaves I will go through my treasures. Some can be put into my tubs right away and some will later cut into sizes. Yesterday I bought 7 -100% cotton shirts for $14. That was a good buy also. I want to make some masculine quilts for the grandsons. Hopefully no one you know was in harms way with all the bad weather. Today a tornado was spotted 35 miles North of us. No damage here. Stay safe Chris

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