Thursday, April 3, 2014


Maybe things will green up with the rain falling. At 4:30 am we had lightening an thunder. Suppose to rain most of the day.

Plan on doing some more cutting today and some piecing. I need to get through more of these piles. Haven't touch the piles for days. I was doing so good with cutting for an hour or two and then stitching the rest of the time.

I have been stitching on hexies and getting somewhere with them. S-L-O-W work though. The only good thing about it is my hands that are sore from the weather change are more limber. I try and keep them from getting swollen by using them. Doesn't always work, but I try.

Should be doing some housework, but that isn't any fun. Maybe tomorrow. If the sun was out I would feel more like cleaning. My cabinets need cleaning out. I save certain sized plastic containers that food come in for sending leftovers home to my Mom or the kids. Well they are overwhelming and I think multiplying behind closed doors. Maybe I will take ten minutes away from sewing and deal with that cabinet today. Some of the smaller deli meat containers I can use for storage for small templates and pieces for my applique and hexie projects. Hey they were free and clear so my thought is use them.

Today the meal situation will be a chore for me. This time of year when fresh veggies from the garden are not available is hard. I want some crunch and fresh tasting food. Some of the choices in the store look so bad I just won't pay the price for them. Tomatoes have no taste and I would love some fresh for a salad. Have to wait.

Well going to go and cut now. My day is slipping away. I've been up since 3:20 am. I am sure I will burn out early today, but you sleep as long as you can and get up when your body can't stand laying in bed any longer. Have a good day. Chris

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