Thursday, April 10, 2014

Repairs and some piecing

Here is one of the repairs. Had to search high and low for the border print, but I found enough to fix the dog bites.  
 I had a leftover block so decided since I couldn't match fabric it would be a definite patch. I stitched it down with a feather stitch on my machine. Conversation piece.

I sorta like the detail of the decorative stitch on the block for the quilting part of it. May have to think that process through and do that on my quilt top for an added touch. I would stitch it in black like they had stitching on crazy quilts would be.

Finishing up some piecing. I now have 44 of the crumb  or crazy scrappy blocks on the left. The blocks on the right are string blocks and I am going to use them as centers for a star block. I have 50 of those. So that is the first phase of this block done. 

I have been up since 2:10 am. My allergies are horrible and I couldn't breath anymore. I had to get up and just stayed up. Every Spring I suffer with this and I know it is the pine trees outside my bedroom window. They can't be removed so I suffer. 

Today I need to go outside and get some grub insecticide on my Rose of Sharon bush. You treat it once a year. We relocated it and the ground there is not as secure because we never had to treat it for the Asian Beetles, but I would rather do it early because it is a systemic treatment. 

Hope you enjoy these gorgeous days of Spring.  Chris 

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Rebecca said...

This time of year I keep mentholated cough drops at the head of the bed and when I wake up in the middle of the night (2:30am counts as the middle of the night) I slip one under my toung and try to go back to sleep. Then drop helps ease the stuffiness in my nose and head. During the day I sometimes pop one in my mouth and drink hot tea.