Friday, December 11, 2015

32 blocks finished

I didn't set the date on the camera right again. Oh Well! I got up and decided since this was sprawling all over the sewing desk I needed to get this done.

Sixteen blocks of each of the settings. Now I have to do a layout to see how this is going to look all together. Looking at it in the picture I see I am going to change my mind on what I thought I would do. I thought about sashing the blocks and now I think just sew them together because a secondary star forms.

I procrastinate so much the thought of it hurts my mind. I wanted to cut yesterday. Well that didn't happen. Still hasn't yet this morning. I am not sure what will happen the rest of the day. Didn't get everything done with the shopping yesterday and one thing has to go back. Not the right size.

I used up a lot of already cut fabric in this project. Also the denim that I used up. So this is a project I would do again, but nit with as heavy a denim pieces. The pressing was a little difficult. But press it into submission is my theory.

I plan on laying thins out today and stitch the rows together. I also need to wind bobbins for two different machines and pin baste a top. Tonight I plan on doing some more quilting on a top that is started.

I need to collect trash. I have cut off corners and thread all over. The vac should come out also. Well we will see what gets done. LOL Chris.

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