Sunday, December 6, 2015

Still sick. I hate it!

I finally got this cable knit scarf finished. I had to make it long enough for an adult. Then instead of putting the large amount of yarn that was leftover away I started another scarf. This one you have to count rows. Well you did with the cable one also. 

I am still sick. I am sure my body can not create more of this crap and each day it is still there. I hate being sick. 

I did about 5 hours of off and on sewing yesterday. The last few days have been the first since we got it into a controlled mess instead of complete chaos. It felt good to be able to maneuver in there and also get something done. Well not done, but farther along then what it was. I still have plenty more to do on this top. 

Well up early again today so I just ate my lunch and going to go lay down for a bit. My ribs and stomach muscles hurt from coughing so much. I can take more drugs and it will last 7-10 days or take less and it will last 7-10 days. It is 7 days today and not a whole lot of difference. I did sleep better last night so I am improving or wore out. Who knows. Chris 

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