Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Closer to being done

Some of the baking is done. This is a Texas Sheet cake but white. It is yummy. Tomorrow I will give you the recipe. 

Chex Party Mix is made. I think I did a triple batch. Big eaters in my house. 

The last of the presents arrived today. I got them all wrapped and the paper is all put away. I haven't bought presents for the kids for a long time. I would give gift cards or give them cash. This year the two little ones still like to open presents so I bought for everyone. 

I did the last of it this morning on a trip to Walmart for last minute things. Then I drove almost all the way home to realize I forgot onions. I need them in the last three dishes I am making. 

Menu is homemade pizza, pasta crock, also Italian bread and garlic cheese toast. Four different pizzas. One with everything on it, one with just cheese, one with hamburger and sausage, one with pepperoni. 

I am making homemade cinnamon rolls for them to take home for Christmas morning. They will be in throw away pans and they can warm them up and frost them for Christmas morning breakfast. 

I can't wait to get back to my sewing. This last couple weeks have been busy and also not feeling well. I am finally feeling more myself. It was 60 degrees here today and not hard frost to kill off all the germs that are everywhere. 

I go to the store and wipe off the carts and wash my hands until the skin on my hands is dried out. Plus Granddaughters going to daycare is killing us all.

We had tornadoes within 60 miles of us tonight. Lots of hard rain and the rivers are starting to flood in low lying areas. This isn't December weather, but this time of year not having all the heavy snow is a blessing with families on the road for Christmas. 

I hope each and everyone of you have a Merry Christmas. We are having ours tomorrow.  Merry Christmas Chris 

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sewyouquilt2 said...

Merry Christmas! hope you are feeling better to enjoy the holiday. looks like a lot of fun and good eats at your house!