Saturday, December 5, 2015

Passion or obsessed

Yes I have a problem at least I think I do. Is this a passion or and obsession? Piecing at 3:30 am is something most people wouldn't even think of doing, but I went to bed early last night. Since last Sunday I have been sick again. The girls had bad colds and so Grandma got it to. 

I stitched up the variety I had cut and then I cut for about 45 minutes more and made another pile of 2 inch squares. Back to pairing them up and running under the needle.

Lots of parts and pieces were handled and stitched. 

I have 100 3.5 inch square blocks made up with a couple hours of sewing, cutting, and pressing. So you maybe are asking what are you going to do with this round of stitching? 

I needed more for these blocks. I found the tub with the denim in it and I know I have to cut them yet, but at least when they are cut I can use the 100 4-patches to go with them. 

At my house it is all a process and yet I don't always get the process in the right order. I am using up a lot of small pieces to make a top. My mind is on overload with the other things I want to make with 4-patches. 

I am always looking on line for different ideas or parts of a quilt I can then change it up and make it look like something else. 4-patches and 9-patches made up in scraps are always usable. If really scrappy them the chances of them getting used is better than a controlled scrappy, meaning color themed. 

Well I have had my share of coffee and my meds are wearing off so maybe I should eat something and get some laundry started. 

Suppose to be 52 degrees today so I think I am opening a couple doors and airing the house out to get rid of some of the germs. Can't hurt. Chris

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