Monday, December 21, 2015

Lists, Lists and more Lists.

List #1

Clean house. Check ceiling fans and bathrooms

Check groceries for the last minute things.

List #2

Wrap presents

Make sure I have enough for each kid [I think I need a couple more things]

List #3

I have to make cinnamon rolls for them to take home for Christmas morning.
Partially bake them and freeze. Finish baking Christmas morning. Also make the icing to ice the rolls with.

Italian bread needs to be made for cheesy garlic bread. Can make that the day before.
Cut up onions and peppers for the pizzas and I can brown off the meat I use on them.
Prep the pasta crocks. I am using aluminum pans so I can get them ready.

List #4

Find time to unwind after having two little ones for 5 days. I need to recover my house and wipe off door handles and counter tops of kiddo germs. They both have been sick. The baby I think is teeth. Stomach and eye teeth can cause havoc with little ones.

I am sure I am missing something. Oh yes I am I have a white Texas sheet cake to make. One more thing to do. Oh great. Chris

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