Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Still not sewing. Really hate to go in and mes it up again. But I am cooking leftovers to get them used.

We like ham and bean soup. I found a recipe in my Grandmother's recipe box  from the Chicago Tribune from the early 70's. It is called Senate Bean Soup they serve to the Senate during sessions during their dining room. The Senators love it. I have been making it for years after we have a ham dinner and have leftovers.

It has beans, ham, onions, celery, carrots and potatoes in the same pot cooking all together. I use the dried beans, but you can used the jarred beans also to make it quicker.  It has a lot of veggies in one pot type of meal. After everything is cooked tender add black pepper to taste and some like garlic cooked in with it. I make cornbread to serve with it.

So I still have enough ham that I will freeze and make cheesy potatoes and ham for another meal next week. Soup weather is upon us. Flurries today and we get a new furnace tomorrow so we will be with out heat for a few hours. Chris

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