Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Another errand day

It rained and I didn't get everything done. I have to go to the bank for my Mother's estate and finalize some of the paperwork. That job is getting closer to being done. It went fairly fast, but had some hiccups along the way.

We could see some snow flurries this afternoon and after my errands are done I plan on making ham and bean soup. Good dinner choice for a cold night.

While the soup is cooking away maybe I can get some sewing done. We are to get a new furnace by the end of the week. They came yesterday and decided it was undersized for our house. Also an A/C unit will be installed.

When you own a house there is always something that needs repaired or replaced. Hopefully no unexpected repairs for awhile. We know the hot water heater is the last pricey thing to replace.

I still have a couple things to move in the sewing room, but that will take minutes not days to do. The issues of it being totally finished and everything in place is not my way of doing things. I am organized when it comes to appointments and schedules to always be on time. Not ten minutes late. But the organization in my house is not always there. On the other hand my husband is OCD over certain things that drive me nuts and he can be ten to twenty minutes late all the time.

Did a little Christmas shopping for the little ones yesterday and still need to get them some new outfits and socks for Christmas. That is a Grandma thing new socks. LOL The days are running short to get everything done. Take Care Chris

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