Thursday, December 24, 2015

Up since 4 am

Up since 4 am. Got my coffee out of the way. Did my computer browsing. Now onto serious stuff.  This is two batches of Italian bread rising. The third was in the mixer at the time. I still have two big batches of cinnamon rolls to make and also pizza crust from scratch.

This will make two loaves. I plan on cheesy garlic toast out of part of this. The kids love garlic toast. Nothing better than fresh made too. 

Look at this mess. I need a maid to follow me behind. I am awful when it comes to sloppiness. The first batch of dishes are cleaned up and getting ready for the next batch of dough to be assembled. The cinnamon rolls take much longer to rise over the bread. 

I still have to brown off the meat that goes on the pizzas so all I have to do it assemble the pizzas as soon as they get there. Assembly line type stuff. We never have a traditional Christmas dinner with the ham and all the sides. 

The kids have so many places to go and it is always the same meal for them. So we are going Italian. I should go buy some more throw away pans to have enough so I don't have tons of dishes to clean up. Lazy I know. I bought foam plates too. Doing dishes from 12 people isn't fun. 

Hope all your cooking is going well Chris


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Merry Christmas Chris!! I hope you get to relax tomorrow.

Carol said...

Merry Christmas are so busy like all of us and you can relax when its all over and enjoy your sewing....i hope to also when the rush is over....