Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Stitching happened today

Got up started laundry and decided today was the day. I was going to sew since it was snowing out. These are the scrappy blocks with the denim squares in them. This is really long panel. I might change that. Take a section off and add more to make it wider. This is a fly by the seat of your pants plan. No really I didn't have a plan for this top other to go for it.
This is a fun top because it is all scraps and recycled denim jeans. Use it up is my theory. I have cut scraps and thought what am I going to do with them. Well late one night while trying to get over with a coughing spell which I have a lot of those lately I came up with this idea. 

It is generic, but will be a good scrap twin bed sized quilt. I made it long because my guys are over 6 feet tall. If they pull it up to their shoulders then their feet stick out. Not sure what I will put on the back of it. Maybe some flannel I have.  

I have many other ideas floating around in the hollow gourd I have for a head. I have lots of 4 and 9 patches stitched up with the hopes I come up with a neat finish. Have to see what I have that I can put something pleasing to the eye together with these 4 and 9 patches to make a top or two. 

The rest of the stitching is in process for the above quilt top. Need to dig out more denim, but I do know where the tub is thanks to my granddaughter and her working like crazy to help me. I wound 8 bobbins this morning so off to try and get some more stitching done before I need to cut the denim pieces.

In the mean time I am going out to clean the driveway off. We had about an inch of light snow this morning. Stay war, Chris

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