Monday, December 28, 2015

Freezing rain

I won't have another post I am sure today. We are getting freezing rain and could loose electricity.

We are prepared with the gas fire log  so we have heat and I have hand sewing or knitting I can do. The one thing we have to do right off is get water right away because we are on a well. I usually get a couple pans out for water and a couple buckets for flushing the toilets.

I have a gas stove so I can manually light the stove to cook with. I lived in the country for many years and these are essential items in case you loose electricity. We also have a gas grill. Be prepared is what I say.

The weatherman was saying it could be an accumulation and we have a weather warning out for our area. I have food and the bare necessities to stay warm.

Going in to organize the hand sewing so I can grab it if the electricity goes out for something else to do. Stay warm and safe Chris

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Katie M. said...

sounds like you have it figured out. We're blessed to live in an area where we don't have real severe storms and rarely use the power. With that said, though, there have been a couple times I've had to pull out the Coleman camp stove to finish (or cook) a meal.... I also have a treadle machine if I lose power for a prolonged period of time....
Hope you're up an running by now and that these storms move on and out of our country.