Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Still learning this Windows 10

This is what I bought. It is a Windows 10 with plenty of storage and memory. It has Office which most laptops don't have anymore. 
also it has a CD ram, HDMI port and three USB ports. All the things I really need.

I am still trying to get all the things personalized. I like to read Bloglovin and having trouble getting that to come up. I have Picasa 3, Blogger, and Google Chrome installed already.

No sewing done, but I think maybe some tonight . I like some of the shows on TV , but I am not impressed with all the reruns already.

The Windows 10 seems to be easier to use than the Windows 8. My old computer was Windows 7. Windows 10 is a cross between 7 and 8. Much more user friendly.

This was on sale. End of the year sales. Very affordable. You might be able to upgrade for just a few dollars and stay on top of the tech world we live in. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

congrats on the new laptop. my son wants us to download windows 10. I am leary as everything will work differently and has to be moved over.
technology moves too fast. lol this ole brain cant keep up!