Sunday, May 15, 2016

100 of them

There are exactly 100 of these little gems finished now. They are 6 inches square in this form. Not sure how many more I will make. Believe it or not I will have to cut more fabric to make enough for variety to do any more. 

This used up a lot of strips. They are 1.5 inch strips and they sew up really fast that way. I need to get some fabric located for the sashing strips. I bought some black solid and I think it is still in the extra bedroom. I still have more to place back in the sewing room. 

The bulk of it is in place, but not sure where the rest will go. We are going to get rid of a piece of furniture in the extra bedroom that is quite large and some things will be able to be stored in there. 

Today was a different day around here. The sun was out, but we had frost this morning. I wish it would get a little warmer. I think we need a good stretch of days to enjoy the outside before the heat starts. 

We have some painting to do and it has to be above freezing and yet not a scorcher out because it is in the sun the bulk of the day. 

I have been a good girl got out and did some walking and ate no flour or wheat products.

Getting back to the squares. Don't forget to set you stitch length at 1.6 or about 18 per inch. I stitch my strips to a telephone book page cut into the size squares I want. The fine stitching helps perforate the paper to rip it off easier. 

You say why the foundation? Well I like the ability to pull a strip and cut to the length I need and not have to precut all the strips before I sew. Also the trimming makes them uniform because you cut to the foundation paper on the back. Telephone book pages do not smear like newspaper does.  

This is my preference. You maybe have another favorite plan. My Mother use to sew them onto fabric squares, but it added weight to the top. I pull the paper off the back while watching TV and I am now ready to get them sewn into a top. I also use up odds and ends of thread when making these. I have tons of garment thread and I wind bobbins with it to get it used up. Doesn't matter if it is polyester or cotton. It all works. I do buy quality thread and not 5/$1. I am not a purist when it comes to polyester vs. cotton. 

We make quilts and use polyester or polyester and cotton batting in it and use polyester thread to quilt with by machine. Even hand quilting thread comes with a poly/cotton combo. So it works for me. 
Have a good evening. Chris 

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