Monday, May 9, 2016

Lots of stitching

Lot of stitching going on. I actually got to sew for 7 hours yesterday. I think the day was bugging me and my husband thought I was hiding in the sewing room. No just had the urge to stay busy. 

This was my first Mother's Day without my Mother. I thought if I sat at her sewing desk and used her fabric it would ease my stress. It did, but nothing else got done. 

I have the girls tomorrow so if I need to do anything I have to get it done today. They keep me very occupied when they are here. 

This picture is dull. I see a lot more color popping through when I look at this footstool. These gray days we have been having I have to see color to raise my mood out of gloom. 

Suppose to rain later today. So I think we have to go out and mow before it rains. You see we punished ourselves by putting weed and feed on the grass. So guess what with all this rain we could mow every other day. But I don't have weeds and dandelions like ever one else in my neighbor hood. 

Next ordeal is the seeds coming out of the Maple trees. They are getting ready to release. They make a mess for sure. I also don't want trees starting every where. 

Hope you have some color in your life today. Chris

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Belinda said...

Yippee for lots of sewing going on. I kind of had the same type of day. It was wonderful!