Thursday, May 19, 2016

Things are coming together

Finally got the ironing board up this morning. So started by pressing the black fabric. It has been folded, but was still wrinkled. I wash my darker colors first and directly out of the dryer they are not easy to fold. When I use off of a larger piece of fabric like a 5 yard piece I cut a yard or a yard and a half at a time. That way I have something easier to handle and I can control how much I have to handle at one time. I started sewing the strings onto the string blocks.
Here is a picture of things sewn into pairs. I have to think about which way the stripes are going so it looks all alike block to block. 

These still need pressing. I needed to stop and get my day going. I have laundry and some shopping to do today. 

There will be a black strip between the pairs and then I will sash the blocks together with the black. I would like a queen sized quilt with this so we will see how far this gets me towards that goal. 

I have an anniversary I am working towards and it isn't until August, but never
to early to start.

I am running to the lumberyard today for a few things and then to Walmart for cards. Two graduations and a confirmation card need to be ready tonight.

My grandson and my step-grandson are both graduating from 8th grade this year. High school for both of them. Time flies by fast. Have a good day. Chris

1 comment:

Belinda said...

I LOVE stripey blocks! You have a nice pile going there. Seems there are never enough when you start
sewing them together though.