Monday, May 16, 2016

What is the next step?

My 100 are made and I started a couple more, but as I said I will have to cut strips. I need variety at this point and I would like to clean up the sewing desk some before I go any farther with cutting strips. 

I laid down for a nap and thought I am going on a search for the black fabric and found it after about a minute. So now I have decide what size sashing strips I need to cut. This fabric need ironing. So that is another thing I have to get out is the ironing board. It is easy to find. I keep it behind the bedroom door. It is a big one and heavy so I think now that the window is all complete in that room I can set it up and use it more.

Wednesday I have a lot going on. I have to go to the bank and talk to my go to person there and then I have two graduation cards to buy and also a confirmation card to get. Thursday the two boys graduate from 8th grade. High School next year. Where have those years gone?

Doing ok with the diet changes. I am making stir fry for supper. I have a package of frozen stir fry veggies and a chicken breast so I will cook the chicken in the skillet and add the veggies until it is tender.

I can't add a lot to it because things on labels that say modified food starches can be wheat. It is in everything.

It is gloomy out this afternoon. Was sunny this morning. Have a good one. Going for the ironing board. Chris


sewyouquilt2 said...

love your blocks ans good luck with diet changes.

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