Sunday, May 1, 2016

Way behind in posting

I had my granddaughters all day Friday and over night so my days were not filled with sewing. This is to show you the other block to go along with the 16-patch. 

It isn't anything special, but I am not finished with them. I plan on a small applique in the white area of the blocks. I think they will be flowers, but they could be toys to make into a child's quilt also. Imagine using this as a lap quilt or just a quick throw on a couch. It is a color riot that will cheer anyone up. 

It is a 3.5 inch neutral square with two inch squares sewn around the outside edge. The 16-patch blocks are just that 16-2 inch squares sewn into a block. No nonsense sewing while watching TV. 

Today we will be working on clearing out the extra bedroom. We are having a few issues with the windows and the factory rep. is coming tomorrow to work on them. As I clean more up in the extra bedroom it will get put away in the sewing room. 

We have had three days of rain and have almost 3 inches of rain that has fallen. It has been cold and wet. Not a nice time for outside stuff. 

My Granddaughter went to her first prom last night and it was in a tent out on the football field with all this rain. At the last minute the prom committee supplied the girls with flip- flops instead of their dressy heels. We also heard the tent they rented was leaking. Anxious to hear how the evening went. I am sure eventful. 

Gray and gloomy again today. We have had enough rain. But we are more fortunate than others who had flooding and tornadoes. 

Take care. Chris  

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Julierose said...

Looking forward to seeing what you put in the middles of those cute blocks--nice scrappy work hugs, Julierose