Friday, May 6, 2016

Been busy, but not sewing.

Well I take that back I sewed for about an hour and a half yesterday morning. Then I got a phone call could we watch the girls yesterday. So we got the girls close to 10 am and they came to get them and brought supper for us.

Today the window trim for the sewing room should be going in. He has been taking the time off and on over the last three days to cut, sand stain and varnish and today is assembly day. Then I will be able to get the rest of the room finished. I have tried to be patient because he has slowed down so much and any work he does take three times more time. He is frustrated because it takes him so long to do it, but I try and be patient because it looks so nice when he gets it done.

The girls were fun and yet they were little stinkers to. The baby who is 19 months old today climbs into the bath tub and got the pump container of men's body wash and squirts it all over the bath tub. She got it on her clothes and she smells good, but I have a mess in there. I found her and she just giggles.

Today I need to clean. Extra little bodies can really stir the dust and also the things that are out of place. So I will sew some and also try and pick up things I see out of place and get the house ready to clean. Have a good one. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

yes little ones can be stinkers and get into everything. I guess that is why they keep us on our toes and young LOL I know what you mean about being patient. it seems the older we get the slower we go. love your little hexie project. so so adorable. I have not fallen for the hexies yet as far as making them. but I love them in projects.