Sunday, May 15, 2016


Got up this morning and did my dishes and two loads of laundry before 9 am. Then I went to the Aldi's store closest to me and I didn't really like the looks of the produce so went to the store in the next town and got the rest of what I needed. My husband is out mowing and the sun is out so I went and grabbed the camera and decided to take some pictures of the plants growing. This is a weigelia We have cut back so many times and it keeps on surprising us with the look it produces.

This is a giant Hosta that someone put out by the dumpsters and I drug them home. My husband had a fit, but it fills in a large area and is doing quite well. We made it into two plants and have one on either side of the back steps. 

 These plants are all doing well. Don't look to close we need mulch and I need to dig a few dandelions.
This is a blue Columbine. They are in their glory right now. 

I got some fresh veggies some to be cooked later and others as fresh veggies at the store. For so many years we used pasta and breads to stretch the menus and help the grocery budget. Now I guess I am going to have to rebudget the grocery lists when I go to the store. 

I bought apples, a cantaloupe and some strawberries. The apples I can make into a salad and change up how they are served. Totally different way of figuring what I eat. 

Jeff needs the carbs and I guess I can't have the ones I like to eat. Funny how your health dictates how you eat. Chris

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